Bayside is one of the neighborhoods located in the borough of Queens, New York City. Whitestone is its boundary towards the north, Long Island Sound and Little Neck Bay to the northeast, Douglaston to the east, Oakland Gardens to the south, with Fresh Meadows to the west. CNN Money ranked Bayside as one of the most expensive housing markets when it analyzed similar detached homes across the United States. Despite the abundance of free-standing houses and apartments housing, it is ranked nationally as extraordinarily high or very high density.

The history of Bayside dates back up to the year 2000 B.C., at the time that it was the time that the Matinecock Native American tribe first arrived in the area. In 1637, it was the time that Dutch West India Company encouraged Dutch farmers to take land granted within New Amsterdam, which was the name given to New York then. William Lawrence of England built the first permanent structure, a stone farmhouse, when he moved to Bayside around 1644. Twenty years after, England took control of New Amsterdam, renamed it the Province of New York, and English people began to settle in the region. When Queens County was officially established 1683 in 1683, it was named after the town of Flushing. Town in Flushing comprised one of the initial five towns in Queens, NYC, and today’s Bayside was located within that Town of Flushing. In the American Revolutionary War, whaleboats from Connecticut were able to attack the Bayside-Littleneck area, and the British army occupied the town of Flushing.

Bayside was the scene of a murder committed by Peter Hains, a prominent military officer aided by his son, the sea novelist Thornton Jenkins Hains. The farmer shot and killed the principal Editor William Annis at his yacht club in 1908. The”Regatta Murder “Regatta Murder” led to extensive media coverage of the trial in the Flushing County Courthouse. Peter Hains was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight years in Sing, and Thornton Hains was acquitted.

Bayside Hills 

Bayside Hills is a subdivision on the south side, which 48th Avenue borders in the northern part and to the north, Long Island Expressway to the south, 211th Street to the west, and Springfield Boulevard on the east. The houses in Bayside Hills, many constructed by Gross Morto, the developer, are typically more luxurious and possess greater property values. Bayside Hills is known for its three-and-a-half street malls and ornaments, including the gatehouse located at Bell Boulevard and 48th Avenue gates on 48th Avenue starting at 216th Street and Bayside Hills Clock at 50th Avenue and 215th Street. H&A Power Washing

Bay Terrace 

Bay Terrace is an affluent neighborhood that is often thought to be part of the more significant part of Bayside. The area encompasses gated cooperative/condominium developments such as the Bay Club and Baybridge Condominium. Other cooperative/condominium developments include the Towers at Waters Edge, the Kennedy Street Quad, the Bayside Townhouse Condominiums, Bay Country Owners, Bell Owners, and others. The secured estate community known as the “Bayside Gables” is also located in Bay Terrace. Bay Terrace neighborhood is the location of several of the few single-family residences.


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