Concrete Cleaning Services

H&A Power Washing cleans and seals pavers, brick, tile, and concrete in NY, and the surrounding areas.

Is your driveway begging to look dirty and dull? H&A Power Washing offers affordable driveway and paver cleaning and sealing in  NY and the surrounding areas. Once we have completed our paver or roof cleaning services, our experienced crew will apply a professional grade sealant for long lasting protection from the sun and other elements. Not only will this add additional protection from the sun and other elements, it will bring out the true beauty of the material. For pavers, the sealant brings out the variety of colors in the pavers and almost appears wet or glossy. It truly brings out the beauty of the stone. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Over time, paver driveways and walkways become faded and dull from sun UV rays, rain, chemicals and other natural and synthetic elements. We use a professional cleaning and sealing process that restores pavers driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and other flooring surfaces on the exterior of homes. Our cleaning, sealing, and restoration process restores pavers, concrete, and brick to like new appearance with protection. Our high-quality sealant protects against, staining, fading, and weed growth.

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