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A residential gutter system is comprised of various components – gutter hangers, gutters, end caps, gutter drops, elbows, downspouts, and gutter sections. Each of these components plays a major role in capturing, diverting, and draining rainwater away from the foundation of a home.

Without a gutter system, rainwater would eventually erode the home’s foundation. Heavy rains can create a dip and eventually a hole along the foundation. Sitting water will break down the mortar that holds the blocks together. Over time, the missing mortar will leave your foundation vulnerable, resulting in leaks.

Nearly, all residential establishments are installed with a gutter system. Once the gutter system is installed, the work is not done yet. Depending on the location of your home, the gutter system must be cleaned at least once a year. Homes underneath trees require more frequent gutter cleaning like two to three times a year.

What Is The Purpose Of Residential Gutter Cleaning?

As previously mentioned, a gutter system is designed to capture and divert rainwater away from the foundation. Not only do gutters collect rainwater, but they also collect snow, sleet, dust, leaves, seeds, nuts, branches, and twigs. Rainwater, sleet, and snow will eventually flow on through the gutter system. The same thing cannot be said about debris like twigs, trees, and dirt. While some of the debris will flow through the gutters and out the downspout, larger pieces will get stuck at the gutter drop or between the gutter hangers. If this continues, the rainwater will not flow through the system. It will build up inside the gutters until it overflows.

The main purpose of gutter cleaning is to ensure the rainwater flows freely through the system. Combating gutter clogs is nearly or impossible without regular cleanings.

Not every homeowner has the resources to properly clean their gutter system. Maybe they are missing a large extension ladder or lack the strength to climb an extension ladder. Whatever the case may be, our residential gutter cleaner experts are fully prepared to take on the job.

Ensures Longevity Of The Roofing System

When rainwater backs up in the gutter system, it has to go somewhere. While some of the water will flow over the sides of the gutters. The rest will be pushed up into the roofing system. The edges of the roofline will sustain the most damage because it is exposed to rainwater. Sitting water in gutters will erode the roofline over

Prevents Foundation Leaks

Standing water erodes the mortar that holds the blocks together. Once the mortar is eroded away, rainwater will seep through the gaps. Depending on the amount of rain, the basement could begin filling up with water.

A flooded basement results in mold growth on the interior walls of the foundation.

Fights Rodent Infestation

Standing water can be a trigger for rodent and pest infestations. Pests like cockroaches, termites, and slugs are drawn to stagnant water. Keeping the rainwater from building up along the foundation will help prevent rat, mice, and cockroach infestations.

Enhances Curb Appeal

An unappealing gutter system can become the focal point of a home. Damaged gutters will harm the aesthetics of your home. Keeping your gutters cleaned is just one way to avoid the issue.


What Is The Price Of Professional Residential Gutter Cleaning?

It depends on several factors – size of the home, how many stories, location of the home. And linear footage of the gutter system.

How Often Should Professional Gutter Cleaning Be Repeated?

At least annually when the home is not surrounded by trees and tall shrubs. Falling debris from trees and shrubs will clog the gutter system, resulting in overflow. In this case, the gutters need to be cleaned bi-annually.

What Is The Purpose Of Professional Gutter Cleaning?

Routine professional gutter cleaning helps reduce the risk of foundation damage, flooded basement, and pest infestation.

Is It Possible To Avoid Professional Gutter Cleaning?

Keeping trees and shrubs trimmed back away from the home is a great place to start. However, it may not eliminate gutter cleaning, but reduce the number of repeats.

What Happens When Debris Gets Trapped Inside The Gutters System?

Some of the debris will flush out of the gutter system when it rains. However, larger pieces will get trapped in elbows, corners, and bends. The only way to remove the debris is to have it manually removed by a professional cleaner.

What Causes Gutters To Clog?

When debris gets stuck between the bends, elbows, and drop spots, the water will struggle to get through and out the gutter system. If the debris continues to build up, a clog will form, preventing any water from flowing through.

What Is The Average Time It Takes To Professional Clean gutters?

It depends on the size and location of the home. Larger, multi-story homes require more resources to reach and manually clean the gutters. For an average-sized home, it can take up to two hours to thoroughly clean the entire gutter system. It will take longer to repair any damage detected during the inspection.

Are Gutters Screens Necessary?

Yes, they are necessary because they can help reduce the debris entering the gutter system. While it will prevent medium- to large-sized debris from accessing the gutter system, small debris like dirt, pieces of leaves, pine needles, seeds, and blooms will still be able to access the system.

Are Homeowners Responsible For Any Gutter Cleaning Equipment?

No, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and manpower to clean residential gutters.

When Is It Time To Clean A Gutter System?

When rainwater overflows the gutter system it is time to remove the debris. If it is raining outside and no water is flowing through the gutter system, it is time to clean it.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Hiring A Professional Gutter Cleaning Service?

Convenience is the primary reason why homeowners hire professional gutter cleaners. Other reasons include time efficiency, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.


You can actually save money by hiring a professional gutter cleaning service. Instead of investing in the necessary equipment to clean gutters, you can hire a professional instead. In the long, it could slash the expenses in half.

H&A Power Washing offers reliable gutter cleaning in NY

It is extremely important to clean the leaves, twigs and other debris from gutters on a regular basis. If gutters and downspouts are not properly maintained, water will not drain away from the property potentially causing major damage. Save time, money and the troubles of messing with gutters with our professional gutter cleaning services. We offer full-service gutter cleaning for residential and commercial properties.

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