Ways To Tell The Difference Between Street Art And Graffiti

In many metropolis areas, graffiti is considered a form of art and vandalism. This can cause confusion among the locals who have their own opinions as well. There is no doubt, street art and graffiti are very much similar. Fortunately, they have enough uniqueness to ensure accurate differentiation.

If you reside in a metropolitan area, you are probably accustomed to seeing street art. In most metropolitans, street art is legal while graffiti is illegal. Of course, the laws change from one metropolitan to another. Knowing the laws will ensure you stay on the right side when creating street art and graffiti. Learn more by reading the content provided in the article below.

Street Art History

Are you interested in learning more about street art? If so, you should be prepared to read an extensive collection of articles. To simplify the process, we compiled data from several articles. Street art dates back to the 1930s when artists Siqueiros introduced it to Americans. Siqueiros created his first American street art mural two years later. The artist chose a theme that was festive, eye-appealing, and American-related. The mural was comprised of American national bird, The Bald Eagle, and other playful details. Siqueiros’ mural was later deemed “America Tropical.”

Street art popped up all over the United States. Today, street art murals can be on the side of buildings, underpasses, garden walls, and other structures.

Graffiti History

America has a rich history of graffiti. A painting as small as initials surrounded by a heart can be found on abandoned buildings, barrier walls, trains, bridges, sheds, rocks, and public bathroom stalls. Some pieces of graffiti are believed to be more than 10 decades old.

Some people will argue that graffiti is a form of expression. Unfortunately, not everyone will agree. It is crucial that you know the laws before creating graffiti in public areas and government properties.

Graffiti Vs Street Art: Know The Differences

Graffiti generally features the following:

  • Acronyms and words
  • Spray paint base
  • Artist labels
  • Pseudonyms

Graffiti is oftentimes found in illegal, dangerous areas.

Street art generally features the following:

  • Characters
  • Beautiful, bold coloring
  • Extensive detail
  • Combined into a mural

Street art can be found in state and city parks, gardens, public areas, and business districts.

If you are struggling to differentiate between a piece of street art or graffiti, do not hesitate to contact our local office. We will help you make the determination within 24 and 48 hours.

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