Solar Panel Cleaning

Have you noticed that your solar panels aren’t operating efficiently? Unfortunately, this issue can be caused by numerous problems. For instance, you may need to replace or repair your panels. Alternatively, they might be covered with dirt and grime. Once your solar panels are covered with bird feces, leaves, and grime, they won’t receive as much sun. As this happens, the amount of energy produced by the solar panels on your roof will drop quickly. If you fail to rectify this problem swiftly, the efficiency of your solar panels will continue dropping.

We’ve got you covered. Our experts have been cleaning solar panels in your area for a long time. We have the equipment needed to resolve this problem quickly. Once we’ve left your home, you can rest assured knowing your solar panels will be clean and working efficiently again. We offer free estimates to individuals living in your area.

Perks Of Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Services

It is essential to professionally clean your solar panels. Failing to complete this step regularly could lead to serious issues. Your solar panels may not work efficiently because of the dirt and debris on them. Sign up for our cost-effective solar panel cleaning services to receive the following benefits.

Protecting Your Warranty

Solar panels for your roof will prove to be very expensive. Therefore, it is essential to protect the warranty so you can use it in the years ago. The warranty can help you avoid expensive replacements too soon. Suffice to say, failing to properly clean and maintain your solar panels could void your warranty. Protect your warranty by getting your solar panels professionally cleaned. If you don’t remove the debris, your solar panels will develop hot spots that could void your warranty.


Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to clean your solar panels. You’ll need a tall ladder, a good pressure washer, and proper training. If you take the wrong step, you may fall from the ladder and seriously hurt yourself. Can you afford to take this risk? It is best to minimize the risks involved by allowing a professional to handle this project for you. A professional will know how to use the ladder safely. Plus, they’ll ensure that your panels are cleaned using the perfect pressure to avoid unnecessary damage.

Avoiding Possible Damage

Again, your solar panels were expensive. You’ll want to protect them so they can last. Otherwise, replacing them will put a dent in your wallet. When you clean your solar panels, you’ll want to avoid damaging them. If you’re not careful, you will damage your solar panels. Then, you’ll have to replace them. Letting a professional clean them will be safer. To avoid issues, you need to use the right equipment and cleaning supplies. Plus, you should use extreme pressure. We’ve got you covered. Our professionals have done this numerous times. Therefore, we can handle it while ensuring your solar panels are protected to the fullest.

Solar Panel Cleaning FAQs

How Much Will It Cost To Clean Your Solar Panels?

Although some homeowners are worried about the cost, you shouldn’t be. It is often more expensive not to clean your solar panels. If you don’t, you could run into more expensive issues. In general, it costs as little as $150 to have your solar panels cleaned. However, the cost will ultimately depend on the number of solar panels you have.

Do The Solar Panels Need To Be Turned Off When Cleaning Them?

You don’t need to do anything. You can leave the solar panels on during the cleaning process.

How Often Should My Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

Ultimately, it depends on your circumstances. If your panels are under trees, they may need to be cleaned more frequently. Regardless, it is wise to clean them at least once a year.

When Is The Right Time To Clean Solar Panels?

We can clean your solar panels at any point in the night or evening. However, we recommend having your solar panels cleaned as early in the morning as possible.

What Is The Importance Of Cleaning My Solar Panels?

Cleaning your solar panels is immensely important. Clean them to maintain their appearance and efficiency. Plus, cleaning your solar panels will remove dirt and protect them from hot spots.

What Cleaner Is Needed To Clean My Solar Panels?

Don’t worry about it. We’ve got it covered. We have access to professional-strength cleaning products for your panels. Once they’ve been cleaned, we’ll rinse them using de-ionized water to guarantee a spotless finish.

Why Is De-Ionized Water Used?

When we clean your solar panels, we’ll rinse away the cleaning solutions using deionized water. Doing so will ensure that your panels are spotless. The water is stripped of mineral ions, including iron, calcium, sodium, and copper.

Will Solar Panel Cleaning Ruin My Warranty?

No. Typically, your solar panels have to be cleaned regularly to protect the warranty.

Is A Contract Needed For Regular Cleanings?

We do not require our clients to sign contracts when scheduling regular cleanings. We’ll work with you directly to create a plan that works well for you.

Do I Need To Clean My Panels If They Look Clean?

From the ground level, your solar panels might look clean. However, they could be dirty. It is a good idea to get in touch with a qualified professional. They’ll climb a ladder so they can get a closer look. A respected company will be honest as to whether your panels need to be cleaned. If they do, we can take care of it for you immediately.

Are You Connected To Solar City, Vivint, Or Another Solar Panel Installer?

We’re an independent pressure washing company. We can clean many surfaces including solar panels.

Wash Away The Dirt & Debris Today

Don’t delay washing away the dirt and debris on your solar panels. Remember that we’re here to help you. Call our office to schedule a cleaning right now. Our professional cleaners can take care of this for you quickly. Before signing up for our services, call to get a free estimate.

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