Hunter’s Point

The Hunter’s Point South development is a mixed-use project situated on around 30 acres worth of prime waterfront land located 30 acres (120,000 square meters) in Long Island City, New York, the most western part of Queens’ New York City borough. With 60 percent accessible to middle-class families, five thousand housing units are expected to be built on the site. As of the beginning of spring 2017, the project attracted $2 billion in private investors. Hunters Point South is part of the greater Queens West project and district.


The plan proposes a 10-year construction of 5,000 middle-income dwelling housing units, a 1,100-seat intermediate/high school, and a waterfront park of 11 acres (45,000 square meters) and 96,500 square feet (8,970 square meters) to be developed into commercial space 4600 sq ft (430 square meters) of open space for the community. The October 2008 New York Times article reported that those who opposed the plan claimed that it was too broad in favoring middle-class families while putting a burden on low-income ones. However, officials said it was meant to tackle the loss of middle-class families out of the city due to rising housing costs. Families with a household income of between $55,000 to $158,000 are eligible to receive units, even though their median family income for Queens was just $51,290. H&A Power Washing Long Island

The initial part of the plan will comprise an initial construction phase of 925 apartments on two development plots. The construction of the buildings, the school, and a part that is a waterfront park were initially scheduled for mid-summer of 2010. Initially, officials stated that 75 percent of the units would be allocated to families with a middle to low income that earns between $32,000 to $130,000 per year for four people in a family. On November 11, the government stated that all units would have affordable homes. One tower will have 37 stories high; the other will be 32. Two buildings joined to their base will feature commercial spaces on their lower floors and facilities for pre-kindergarten and medical facilities, a rock climbing wall, and restaurants. In the southern part of the existing lot, the project’s second stage will be more substantial and include 796 units, with 1139 affordable.

The ground-breaking ceremony, scheduled for October 2012, has been postponed until March 4, 2013. The project was initially planned to complete its initial phase in 2014, but it will now conclude in 2015. The project was temporarily stalled due to April’s $13 million window procurement disagreement. However, construction was swiftly restarted. An RFP for proposals (RFP) for the second stage of the project, including land development between the buildings, was released on May 28th, 2014, to build the infrastructure on the site.

Restaurants Nearby

  • Jackson’s Eatery | Bar is located at 10-37 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY
  • Skinny’s Cantina is located at 4705 Center Blvd, Queens, NY
  • Manetta’s address is 10,76 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY

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