Common Misunderstanding About Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a public service available to all property owners. Contrary to belief, cleaning windows is not as simple as spraying a cleaning solution and wiping it away with a dry cloth. In fact, this technique rarely leads to spotless windows. If your window cleaning skills are lacking, the results will be nothing short of smudges and smears. It is extremely difficult to avoid imperfections when cleaning windows. If you are lucky, the smears will only be minimal. If you are disgusted with your poor window cleaning skills, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are a locally owned and operated company that specializes in window cleaning. We do not utilize paper towels and a liquid cleaning solution to combat buildup on windowpanes. Instead, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment like our commercial-grade pressure washer and squeegee. Our glass cleaner is designed to break down dirt and grime to ensure nothing less than perfection.

Consider These Factors Before Your Next Window Cleaning Project

What Is the Best Weather For Cleaning Windows?

When most people think of window cleaning and the weather, they think of a clear, sunny day. While this is the ideal weather for cleaning windows, it is not your only alternative. Thanks to modern cleaning technology, it is possible to achieve spot-free windows on a rainy day. Snow and sleet are a different story because low temperatures are not always compatible with glass cleaning solutions. Instead of refusing to clean windows in the rain, we integrate the rainwater into our window cleaning strategy. Unlike tap water, rainwater is pure, with little to no minerals. When utilized correctly, rainwater will leave your windows spot-free, unlike tap water.

Is It Easier To Clean Windows When It Is Hot Outside?

Not necessarily, thanks to speedy evaporation. Glass is what experts describe as a “heat conductor.” Heat transfers from the sun through your windowpanes to the inside of your home. It does not take long for the sun to increase the temperature of the glass. Once the glass reaches a specific temperature, water, and other liquids will evaporate within a few seconds or minutes of contact. This can complicate window cleaning when utilizing liquid glass cleaners. Your glass cleaning strategies will be more effective on cloudy days.

Should Newspaper Be Utilized To Clean Windows?

It is believed that a newspaper leaves fewer behind than paper towels when cleaning glass surfaces. Even if this is the case, a newspaper is not always the best option for polishing glass surfaces. A clean microfiber cloth is the better alternative because it sheds fewer microfibers as compared to newspapers and paper towels

Are Glass Cleaners Environmentally Friendly?

It depends on the formula. Window cleaners made of ingredients from natural sources are environmentally friendly. Synthetic glass cleaners oftentimes contain ingredients that may pose environmental risks. If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, natural and organic glass cleaners are going to be your best options.

Is Professional Window Cleaning More Affordable Than DIY?

It would be simple to say do-it-yourself window cleaning is more cost-effective than the professional alternative. Contrary to belief, this is not always the case. By the time, you invest in all the materials and equipment needed to clean your windows, you could have saved money going the professional route. Do a price comparison before making your final decision to determine which option is best for your budget.

Does Window Cleaning Increase Curb Appeal?

Absolutely, cleaning your windows is just one way to ensure the maximum curb appeal of your home. Dirty windows do not only impact visibility to the outside world but also curb appeal. Dirty window glass and frames are very unappealing and if not careful, they could become the focal point of your property. Window cleaning should be integrated into your home maintenance strategy.

Why Hire Our Professional Window Cleaners?

Our window cleaning team has decades of experience in the industry. We hold routine training courses to ensure our window cleaners know the ins and outs of the latest technologies. Our window cleaning equipment is state-of-the-art to ensure maximum results in all climates and weather conditions. Our prices are fair and competitive with other local window cleaning services. We offer free inspections, with written quotes per appointment only.

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